Judge Profile

Daniel S. Bowman

Judicial Experience:

  • Magisterial District Judge, Adams County District Court, Elected


  • Do you have any special rules governing courtroom decorum (e.g., addressing the court, dealing with opposing counsel and witnesses, proper attire, etc.)? No cell phone on in Courtroom.

  • Are there any special practices or procedures lawyers appearing before you should know about? We now have Central Court. Each Wednesday (excluding holidays), all criminal cases (preliminary hearings) are heard at: Adams County Courthouse-- Courtroom #3-- at 117 Balitmore Street, Gettysburg. Preliminary Hearing can be waved at our office before Central Court by Appointment (See Notice).

  • Any suggestions, admonitions or recommendations you would make to lawyers appearing before you? Suggestion: If they believe a hearing may take a prolong hearing, I.e. half hour of more, we would like a "heads up" to move a preliminary to late morning time slot so they will not be waiting through waivers at Central Court.