Judge Profile

Norman Ackerman

Judicial Experience:

  • Senior Judge, Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas, 1988, 1989 to 2010

Other Professional Experience:

  • Deputy City Commissioner, City of Philadelphia, 1980 to 1988
  • Attorney, Private Practice, 28 years
  • PA State Attorney General's office, 5 years


  • JD, Temple University School of Law, 1960
  • BS, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, 1957

Professional Civic Activities/Honors/Awards:

  • Bankruptcy Court Trustee
  • PA Bar Association
  • Philadelphia Bar Association
  • PA Task Force on Drug Handling


  • Carol A. Palang, Secretary (215) 686-9553
  • Larry Hambrecht, Law Clerk (215) 686-9557


  • Do you have any special rules governing courtroom decorum (e.g., addressing the court, dealing with opposing counsel and witnesses, proper attire, etc.)? Judge Ackerman requests that counsel not interrupt other counsel, clearly phrase questions to sound like questions and not statements, ask to approach a witness, and rise when addressing the Court.

  • Describe motions practice in your court. Are there any local practices that attorneys should be aware of? Judge Ackerman follows local rules regarding motion practices.

  • Are there any special practices or procedures lawyers appearing before you should know about? Judge Ackerman requests that counsel instruct his/her witnesses to not answer a question until the whole question has been asked.

  • Any suggestions, admonitions or recommendations you would make to lawyers appearing before you? Judge Ackerman recommends becoming familiar with all the rules of this Court found in Section 4 of the "Philadelphia Trial Division Civil Administration At A Glance Manual."

  • Can the court be contacted by e-mail? Yes

  • Can the court be contacted by fax? Yes

  • Does the court accept filings by e-mail? norman.ackerman@courts.phila.gov