Judge Profile

Stephen J. Bayer

Judicial Experience:

  • Magisterial District Judge, Schuylkill County District Court


  • Do you have any special rules governing courtroom decorum (e.g., addressing the court, dealing with opposing counsel and witnesses, proper attire, etc.)? Proper casual attire required for parties/litigants, no shorts, sandals or tank tops.

  • Describe motions practice in your court. Are there any local practices that attorneys should be aware of? No motions practice before Magisterial District Courts.

  • Are there any special practices or procedures lawyers appearing before you should know about? Entry of appearance on firm letterhead required. Schuylkill County also has a local Criminal Continuance Form requirement that requires Defendant's countersignature and acknowledgment of PA Criminal Rules of Procedure, Rule 600, and only one request per party. Second request requires approval of County President Judge. Continuances must be received at least 72 business hours in advance. All other Continance Requests must be in writing and must be received at least 72 business hours in advance.

  • Any suggestions, admonitions or recommendations you would make to lawyers appearing before you? Yes