Judge Profile

Paul E. Baker

Judicial Experience:

  • Workers' Compensation Judge, Bureau of Workers' Compensation, Appointed (1993)

Other Professional Experience:

  • Deputy Chief Counsel & Senior Counsel, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Bureau of Workers' Compensation, 1983 to 1993
  • General Practice, 1973 to 1983


  • JD, Dickinson School of Law, 1973
  • BA, Juniata College, 1968


  • Kim Webber, Secretary


  • Do you have any special rules governing courtroom decorum (e.g., addressing the court, dealing with opposing counsel and witnesses, proper attire, etc.)? See information available at: www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/judge_information/10416

  • Describe motions practice in your court. Are there any local practices that attorneys should be aware of? See answer to question number 1.

  • Are there any special practices or procedures lawyers appearing before you should know about? Judge Baker requires the moving party submit a first hearing filing pursuant to 34 Pa. Code §131.52. He also requires a stipulation of undisputed facts be submitted within 45 days following the first hearing. The stipulation may be mailed to the judge’s office. Judge Baker prefers that lay witnesses testify at the hearing, and requires notice be given 45 days prior to the hearing. If a packet of exhibits is submitted, Judge Baker wants a cover sheet listing the exhibits. Each exhibit should be marked and each page of the exhibit should be numbered. See procedures/requirements listed for WCJ Baker at the website listed in response to Question 1.

  • Any suggestions, admonitions or recommendations you would make to lawyers appearing before you? Judge Baker will normally grant one continuance to each side if there is no objection to the request. Judge Baker requires that all proposed findings or briefs be due within 30 days following the date of the closing and briefing letter. Judge Baker follows the litigation procedures found at the site listed in answer to question 1.

  • Can the court be contacted by fax? Yes

  • Does the court accept filings by e-mail? Letters may be faxed to 717-772-0341, but the letter shall also be mailed.